Metalsinter manufactures sintered mechanical components based on customer design by means of a mold compacting process and a sintering treatment of iron-based powders.
We supply a wide range of customers, operating in the most different types of industrial sectors.


We work closely with the customer from the design phase, providing the best technical solutions


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Metalsinter qualità


Metalsinter is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified


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Powder metallurgy represents the winning choice among the various forming technologies for the production of both large and medium-sized components


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Our technology

We have a full range of compacting machines and lines sintering ovens in controlled atmosphere, regularly maintained to the latest state of the art technology of the sector.
We constantly invest in process improvements and automation of production phases to increase the quality and productivity of our process.
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Our primary goal is customer satisfaction: from the early design stages to production, from product quality to logistics.
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