Our production process

Our raw material is iron powder, purchased in blends ready to use or mixed according to specific design specifications.
The first phase of the process is compaction in rigid moulds using mechanical or hydraulic presses.
The result of compaction stage is a “green” element that already presents the geometry and density of the final element but not yet the mechanical properties.
To give the piece the definitive mechanical properties, a sintering heat treatment is carried out at controlled temperature and atmosphere. For many applications, the mechanical part obtained is ready for use.
In other cases, additional secondary operations are performed, such as:
thermal treatments
surface treatments
impregnation in oil machining.
The entire production process, in its various phases, is constantly supervised by our quality control: from the acceptance of the incoming raw materials, to the dimensional measurements at the end of each phase, to the final approval of the finished product, before the packing and shipping.

Compacting lines from 4ton to 250ton


Sintering furnace lines with productivity of 440kg/h, configurable on different process profiles, 3 lines feature sinter hardening treatment


Sizing machines from 5ton to 100ton.

Tools for machining process.


Surface treatment lines:
3 impregnation tanks,
1 vacuum impregnation tank,
2 steaming machines


Tumbling machines, one with turbocharge


800kg capacity powder mixing line