Powder metallurgy represents the winning choice among the various forming technologies for the production of both large and medium-sized components and allows to meet the technical, quality and cost specifications required by the various application sectors.
The sintered components, even with very complex shapes, reach a degree of surface finish and dimensional tolerances such as to allow immediate use.
In addition, the high degree of use of raw materials, unlike other processes where there are more waste, makes powder metallurgy a technology with a high standard of conservation of materials and energy sources.
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Metalsinter rotori pompe a lobi

Oil pump rotors

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Today the main market segment is the automotive, with production of components both for OEM and aftermarket.
The consolidated experience in this sector has then allowed the expansion in various other sectors diversified by type of industry and customers.
Among our main products:
Pulleys and hubs for water pumps, of various sizes and geometries.
Rotors for gerotor lobe pumps.
Vane rotors.
Sprockets and gears for mechanical pumps.
Gears and elements for electromechanical applications.
Self-lubricating bushes in Iron or Bronze.
Custom elements for various areas of application.